Dr LohmannWhat draws us to the vocation of Internal Medicine? Is it the breadth and depth of our knowledge and daily practice? Our ability to see and treat the whole person, from mind to body? Or perhaps the keen intellectual engagement in life-long learning? Whatever draws you, you will find individuals of like-mind and passion at Redmond.

I am honored to serve as the Program Director for the Redmond Internal Medicine Residency Program here in Rome, Georgia. I welcome you to explore our exceptional program, one of the largest community-based residency programs in our state. The Internal Medicine Residency at Redmond was instituted in 2016, and we have graduated over 30 board-certified, passionate and well-prepared physicians. Residents seeking subspecialty careers have matched to institutions such as Duke and the Medical College of Georgia in the fields of Cardiology, Geriatrics and Sleep Medicine.

Our paramount intention is supporting the development of exceptional internists, physicians who are competent and self-assured in the full scope of their practice from the primary care clinic to the critical care unit. We call this the primary care to intensivist model, such that when you graduate from our program, you are equally confident in your ability to direct the care of a robust patient panel in your own outpatient practice as you are in leading a busy community ICU. We are privileged to have a Core Faculty of accomplished Internists who stand out in their passion for medical education and in their diverse backgrounds and training. As an institution, we come together in our dedication to your individual trajectory as you become a practicing clinician.

Our residency program is uniquely situated in a busy tri-state area at a robust community hospital that is nationally recognized for excellence in clinical care and comprehensive cardiovascular care. Our patient population is diverse, with great opportunity for improving the lives of the underserved. We approach medical education with the concept of the developing physician scholar at heart, supported by our innovative curriculum and intensive three-year board preparation program. Additionally, our residents benefit from direct one on one learning with our exceptionally well-trained sub-specialists. From our focus on procedural competence with bedside ultrasound training, intubation and line placement, our business of medicine curriculum and longitudinal primary care exposure, these attributes and many others make Redmond an extraordinary place to spend one’s training years.

We are immensely proud of our program, our institution, and our community, all three of which are tightly interwoven. Rome is a generous and warm place to live, just an hour and half from Atlanta, providing a fulfilling work-life balance. I encourage you to go beyond our current virtual world, and come explore Rome, experience our training environment and get to know Redmond Internal Medicine Residency yourself. We are delighted to welcome you!

Kathryn Lohmann, MD